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Quit Being So Stubborn And Unite!

As I watched the election results come in from the Virginia race for Governor, there were high hopes that Ken Cuccinelli could pull off an upset against Terry McAuliffe.  Yet, as the remaining precincts came in, Cuccinelli’s lead started to shrink, then McAuliffe gained the lead and subsequently won the race.

That’s when the fight started.  I watched as Facebook and Twitter exploded with griping and bickering, pointing fingers, and laying blame.  This person said it was the RNC’s fault for not helping Cuccinelli.  That person said it was the tea party’s fault for supporting someone who was unwinnable.  Others said it was because Cuccinelli wasn’t liberty-minded enough or because the GOP hasn’t abandoned socially-conservative values.  Back and forth, these commenters had their own opinions of why the GOP lost another race.  Then they turned into attacks on each other, with one claiming the other is intellectually inferior.

One thing is clear about Republican and Republican-minded voters:  we are not united.  We are all so sure that we have the perfect recipe to win every close race.  And yet, while we should be attacking the opposing party’s candidates, we are attacking each other.  We argue about who is the most conservative or the most patriotic.  We nitpick about votes or quotes that happened years ago that have consequences that were not even thought about at the time.  Then, when our preferred candidate doesn’t win, some of us decide to either not vote or vote for the other guy as a protest.

My limited experience with elections suggests that purple-area elections are won at the margin.  Just last November, the tightest Texas state senate race was between Mark Shelton and Wendy Davis.  Sen. Davis won with just over 2% margin.  Imagine how much better this year’s legislative session could have been if Mr. Shelton was able to overcome that margin.  Is that margin because of people who decided to stay home because they were not happy with the GOP nominee for President?  It’s possible.

Republicans must stop the posturing and grandstanding if we are to be successful in Texas and around the nation.  Calling someone a “RINO” because they disagree with you is not going to win elections.  We cannot allow our stubbornness to drag us into defeat.  Instead, we must humble ourselves and work together on the common ground of advancing conservative ideals and the Republican platform.  Let’s fight for our preferred candidates on issues and not character assassination.  Then, we must absolutely support the winner in the Republican primary.  If we continue to have this “I’ll show them” attitude by protest voting or not voting at all, Texas and America will lose.

We are not perfect, and we will not always agree.  However, the Democrats and Battleground Texas are ready to pounce on this opportunity to turn Texas blue if we do not come together and unite behind our Republican nominees.  These left-wing groups are united with that common goal of turning Texas blue.  With millions of dollars expected to flow into Texas to support liberals in the 2014 elections, Republicans and like-minded voters need to start uniting before an energized base of Democrats control Austin.

Originally posted at Free Radical Network.

So Cute

President Obama wants to eat you up!

Feeling Guilty About Tax Cuts? Then Please Pay More!

John Legend, a famous singer I’ve never heard of, recently sang at the White House.  While there, he said that he didn’t want his tax cut. Legend joins other millionaires like Warren Buffett (whose annual letter is due out tomorrow) saying they want to pay more tax.

Well, let’s give Legend and Buffett two options:

  1. Give to a charity you feel addresses weaknesses caused by tax cuts
  2. Give to the government to pay off the national debt

Option 1 is certainly more flexible, and one I am a huge proponent of.  While liberals complain that the poor will go hungry, people won’t go to college, etc. because of tax cuts, these same liberals can contribute their tax savings to organizations that help feed the poor, provide scholarships, and whatnot.

Option 2 allows you to contribute your tax cut savings back to the government.  One can visit and contribute directly to the Bureau of Public Debt.  According to Reuters, as much as $3 million is given to the Bureau annually. Of course, that amount is a drop in the bucket compared to the $14 trillion in issued debt.  Contributions to the Bureau are deductible from your individual taxes, so make sure you gross up how much you really want to give to give you maximum benefit to the government.

So please, Mr. Legend, if you’re feeling guilty, there are plenty of areas more efficient than the government to give your tax cut.  Or, you are welcome to send your check in care of the Landon Estay Needs Money Fund.